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Trying to learn Persian.

Hello everyone! I am working on learning Persian. I love the language and already know many words. I just have difficulty putting them together to make a coherent sentance :)

اسم من اندی . فارسی ی کامی بلدم . امریکیام. مادرم را پرویی هاست. اسپانی و پورتوکالی بلدم .  من دوست دارم که یک روز ایران را ببینم . من باید فارسی رو بیشتر تمرین کنم .من بیست هستم.

I hope I can help someone and someone could help me.




Hi Andy ,
glad to see u Caz i need to speak English fluently .
Persian is my mother tounge and i will be happy if i can help u :)

Correction :

اسم من انديه ،كمي فارسي بلدم .آمريكاييم ،مادرم اهل پرو ست . اسپانيايي و پرتقالي هم  ميتونم حرف بزنم.
من بايد بيشتر فارسي رو تمرين كنم. من بيست ساله ام .

Good luck

oh wow! Thank you so much for the help. I appreciate very much the fast response. I did not see it in my email so excuse my delay.

Ok, I will read (very carefully and slowly) the correction! It may take me a while because I am still getting used to the new alphabet. I will let you know if I have any questions :)

thank you once again,


hy my inglish is not very god but i think i can help you and you can help me to plese send massage for me
سلام من انگلیسسی کمی بلدم و من میتونم به تو کمک کنم

I am at your service!

Warning: Most young Iranian girls speak terrible Persian ;)

BTW, you have problems with your pronunciation too. I suggest using an audio course for a while to master the sounds.

درود بر شما hi I can help any one in parsi ( Persian ) if U want

hello friends , I am Baloch from Balochista, my mother tongue language is brahui and i can speak balochi, urdu and little bit english ,, and am trying to learn farsi(persian language)  so where from i start learning !! my skype is    javaid_baloch

سلام من فارسی مینویسم واست اگه کمک خواستی می تونی رو کمک من حساب کنی

I can help you too.

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