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What are your plans for 2011?

Planning anything special for this year?



Save money for  a tour. And learn to edit video

Tour, that sounds great! Have you decided yet where you are going?

Im glad to be here. Of course im new here.
Shanghai is where I come from.
I love this group coz there are not too many people.
And eh~~ a little question:
Can I write a post here? or just reply the post?

My new year plan:
1. graduate from my college
2. learn English well
3. learn German well

My new year wish: Happiness and healthy to all of my family.

Hi Ichimaru,
Just a few corrections:
I will enter the university and then I will go to England.
Good luck!

Hi Wang,
Sure you can post anything you like. Please feel free to start a new discussion if you wish.
P.S. reply to a post
        Happiness and health to all of my family

to make some friends in this team,haha~
how about you guys?

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