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Starting learning Russian - Alphabet exercises

What is the first thing you need to do when you decide to start learning a foreign language?

I think a motivation plays an important role. It helps to pay 100% attention on what you learn and as a result to succeed. It is a hard work to learn a language, mainly learning things that have no logic.

After motivation comes alphabet. Russian letters differ from English letters but they are not hard to remember, compared to other languages, like, Arabic, Hindi, Chinese etc. But still it will take some time to learn it.

Do you have any questions regarding alphabet or pronunciation rules? Feel free to ask.



Lets start with Alphabet.

I will not write general information about Russian alphabet, its history etc. You can google it :)

Lets start with the alphabet.

Lesson 1

o - [o] o in owl

a - [a] u in bug

к - [k] c in country



1) combination of letters: а, к, о, оа, ок, као, коко, оак, каоа, кокакокак;

2) words: ока, око, какао




Lesson 2


б - [b] b in boat, without aspiration

г - [g] g in goose

и - [i] i in pin




1) бо, ба, ки, ок, би, ог, аг, иг, оиагб.

2) бог, оба, бог, иго, боги, обои, гибок

Lesson 3


в- [v] like v in vain

д - [d] like d in door

е - [ye], there is no such a sound in English. It is a combination of two sounds:

            1- y in New York and 2 - e in pen. (more in next topic - Alphabet Lesson difficulties in pronunciation)

н - [n] like n in nose




1) вовавивебибабобекикокакенонинанегагонегигебагикеги.

2) док, вена, дон, гид, вон, нога, кони, ноги, вино, гад.


If you need me to check if you are reading the exrcises correctly or you need more exercises on Russian alphabet, please contact me for that.

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