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how can i improve my english?

i have to attend ielts in feb. next year...anyone can help me?




I can help you improve your English.  I live about 100 miles from Chicago, Illinois, USA and have been a native speaker of English for 62 years.  I have two sons and three grandchildren.  I have taught part-time in classes of English as a second language when I lived in Colorado, USA.  My interests are growing young apple trees and traveling in the US, bicycling and photography.  You can practice speaking with me on Skype if you want.  As I gain more students I want to charge money to teach English, but you can practice your English and I will respond for free for a few times. this is a good site you can practice English there for free. and you can record yor voice and native speakers correct it for you.
good luck :)

Maybe it sounds a little bit silly, but you should get addicted to English/American television drama series! I have had poor education in English and Mandarin Chinese, but eventually managed to learn them well by simply watching tv dramas very often! Somehow it really does help your speaking skills, not only your listening skills. 

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