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My persona links to learn hebrew

Som of this links are in spanish because i speak spanish, but another ones are in english, so everybody can check them:

    This link have basic vocabulary about several topics. Language: English

    This link have a very useful and large dictionary. Language: Spanish

    This link have a translator online, Spanish-Hebrew and Hebrew-Spanish, is useful sometimes jeje...                    Language: Spanish and Hebrew

    This link have some practical lesson that are free, it have listening. Language: Spanish

    This link have other links to help you to increase the hebrew learning. Language: Spanish

    This link have a hebrew picture dictionary. Language: English

    You will find about what is this link jejeje... Language: almost all languages

I hope that this links can help you as they help me



hi Tata, thanks very much for these informations, I'm searching all things to help me to learn hebrew language, and these adresses are important for me, hope we can talk together sometime, ciao from Italy

Thank you Tata for providing us with those links. Some of them are very useful. I would like to add one more, which I also found very helpful: - this is a basic Online Hebrew course with native speakers.
If you want to take the complete course there is, however, a small cost involved, but there are also some lessons that you can check out for free.

thanks nina for your link, i found it very usefull. I´m glad to be useful for you silvano!!
Greetings from TURKEY :)
I loved the links that you shared.I wanna share,too.
This site provides Hebrew books,audios,videos&dictionaries.Furthermore,It's free. :)

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