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Hello everybody!
Next month will take place the Magyar Kurultay in Hungary with participation of Magyars from the Torgay, Kazakistan.



WOW there are Mayars in Kaz? Really? Wow!!! Kazakhstan has everything.

Kurultay  ? Its same in Turkish :P great. i wanna learn kazakh language also

I have shot some photos on the Magyar Kurultay, here there are(please click on 'KÉPEK'):

Here there are more pictures from Kurultaj, click where you see the word 'képei'

hmm ok :)

Omg! its great... I wish those yurts were huge. anyway... is it a chance for me to join these kurultays ??
i would be very happy... how do you organize it??

As I konow next year there will be something like thing this, but in 2010 they are planning a big Kurultay with participation of all steppe people, descendants of Atilla.

selam dostlar

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