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Where can I find good media in Portuguese?

I'm looking for some interesting websites, preferably news and or pop culture, that are local to Brazil (preferably Rio) and worth taking a look at.  

I'm really looking for something with audio / video, but a local newspaper's website might be ok too!

Just want to add another avenue in the studying experience!



You can try:

Good luck! If you need some help, please ask me.

Youtube would be a good idea too!

If you need some media online in portuguese from Portugal just go this site! =D

PS- If you need you also can access to TVtuga in english (click in english flag in top right side)

It would be interesting if i told you why it is called tuga! TUGA is like a nickname for all portuguese people in is not a very well-known nickname but still funny!  TUGA because porTUGAl xD

I hope i have helped you =D


TV Tuga is great Ricardo, I knew it already, use to watch Brazillian channels too.
Also, another newpaper from my city is
and to know about sports, it's
(mostly football, of course)


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