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It seems like not a lot of people are learning Danish :(

 This is call to all people on the website learning danish!  please comment and reply so we can group up and speed up our learning process :)



I'm learning Danish :) but I've been also having difficulties in finding a language partner :S

 How long have you been learning for ?
Maybe we help each other out
Since October :) Sure, why not :)

I can help. :)

how much do you guys know? :)

Can i join.

Can I also join?)
I've been learning Danish at the university for a year now and I'm willing to talk to native speakers and people who also learn it

Hello guys, I'm also learning Danish and I agree: it's not easy to find people to practice with. :( Understandable in a way, since Denmark is a small country.

My written Danish is pretty good, but I really need some practice in speaking it. So if anyone is interested in trying to speak some Danish with me, just send me a message. :)


Hello, I want to learn Danish, willing to teach me?

Ok so i havent been to the site in a while, and this discussion is going very slow as I see 6 months since i started it.. anyone willing to join in please send me a pm, and ill see what I can do to bring it together..  :) 

i am also trying to learn danish. it would be great if anyone could help me with it. ive not long started but know a bit of swedish so im fairly familiar with the grammar and syntax, just need the danish vocabulary and the confidence.

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