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Finnish study

Hello! Everyone! I am very interested in Finnish! But i don't know how to study Finnish? who can help me ?Please contact me!! Thanks a lot!



Well what would you like to learn first?

I want to learn the pronunciation first.Can u help me?Thans a lot!

Well it's quite hard in here... Only thing i can say is that you pronounce finnish as you read it.  But english pronuncaton is diferent that finnish... This is quite hard language..
well as what i have learned from my teacher, the stress is always placed in the first syllable.. sentence intonation always falls off even in questions..^^,

Could you give me some materials about  pronunciation of Finnish?All of you can contact me !My E-mail address is natasha_dream@yeah,com.

My E-mail address is
Please contact me.

Hi everyone!!! 
 Harawa, at this site, you can hear many words in finnish, at least it is a aid to begin!!! I hope you will help!

Who can teach me the pronunciation of Finnish? please,please.

Nobody want to help me ????

it's better by skype for example 
how u can study pronounce in written words

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