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I don't know how to pronounce some of the stuff.  Do you??



Can you tell me what stuff mean? Is that just like ABCDEFG?
If like this ,I think I can  help you .

i dont really know what you mean

 I mean , I don't understand  your words "some of the stuff.",  I don't know the meaning .  I mean if you  can use another  easy words to  take the place of  the stuff……  so , can  you understand me now ?

I can help you with  German pronouciation . I mean this. Mein germany teacher said , I speak words just like a German.

ok... thanks...
i think your english sounds really good, but what do u need help w/

my English is now just so-so . I can only say a litte easy words and I don't know if I'm right .
just speak English with me  , and if I make some mistakes ,you can help me correct  them.

do you use MSN? I want to know if we can talk with  MSN or not .

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