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If you're a Polish-learner...why do you want to learn Polish?

If you're a Polish-learner...why do you want to learn Polish?



My mom was born and raised in Warsaw. I always wanted to go and see where she grew up. It's an important part of my history and I want to be able to speak to people without her translating!

I am living and working in Poland and I need to communicate with my colleagues and my wife's family.

Like in most countries, we have a lot of Polish people working here.
The Poles I met are some of the nicest people I ever met. Im not sure they all get treated in the manner that they should cause of some rotten apples in the crowd of both nations.

So I figured it would be showing good host manners to learn a little polish. I figured each friendly face with an interest in the polish culture and language would be nice and if I helped at least one person feel valued a little more than it would be worth it.

That was my reasonin the beginning. 

However I always found languages easy. Polish, on the other hand, is not!
Gosh how I struggled with the bits I learned so far, maybe cause Im older, maybe cause its just hard. Now, stubbornness is my drive! I hate not being able to learn something and I cant stop with the little I know. Now I want to learn more and be able to keep up a shameless conversation in polish, with no other reason anymore than being stubborn.

hi i will use polish in my work , im tour giude

Hello everybody! I hope, that I will come to Poland soon. That's why I need speak Polish as I hope to stay there and find some job :) To tell the truth, I like this language more and more.

I was erasmus in Warsaw and tried to learn something......for me the worst was the pronunciation.....horrible!

cause i want to live in Poland one day, as i'm getting my citizenship.

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