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Useful web pages for learning Polish :-)



Woow thank you so much!

:-) :) dictionaries english-polish/polish-english We have many more but the ones they are easy to use and they don't require logging. :)

You can also try out these pages: and (you can request there for entries that are not created yet). Cheers! :-)

Basic information :) COURSE - with mp3 recordings

TEXTBOOK: An online textbook in PDF format: A collection of mp3 drills and lessons which cover roughly the material in the textbook above. Mind you, when my Polish friend heard those mp3s he nearly choked to death laughing - he said the pronunciation was fairly outdated. It doesn't make any difference to me, obviously ;-)

Grammatical tests: A fun educational website - basic grammar, useful phrases, dialogues (written and as wma recordings, might have video but I haven't checked), exercises:

Dziękuję bardzo.

Here's one more resource, this time for more advanced (more or less fluent in reading, that is) Polish language adepts:

It's a non-normative, wiki-style Polish slang dictionary (yay!). If you're stuck with a word, you might wanna look it up there.

Hope this will help you in some way. Pozdrawiam!

(On a side note, the "up to 1000 characters in a single message" limit is really annoying for verbose guys like me.)

The pronounciation in those samples is not that bad at all. Lector's articulation catches nuances as subtle as węszy vs. węższy. Sounds pretty good to me - the only thing I find irritating in those samples is the slow, slow pace. ("Przed sześciu godzinami" - OK, that one makes me wonder.)

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