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translations and useful phrases (pol-eng/eng-pol)

If you need to translate something write please in this place, perhaps somebody else will also use it :)



Can you help me learn numbers in polish? Like start with 1-10? that would be a good way to start! thanks!

Numbers-Liczby 1 - jeden 2- dwa 3- trzy 4- cztery 5- pięć 6- sześć 7- siedem 8- osiem 9- dziewięć 10- dziesięć 11- jedenaście 12- dwanaście 13- trzynaście 14- czternaście 15- piętnaście 16- szesnaście 17- siedemnaście 18- osiemnaście 19- dziewiętnaście 20- dwadzieścia 21- dwadzieścia jeden 22- dwadzieścia dwa 23- dwadzieścia trzy... 30- trzydzieści 40-czterdzieści 50- pięćdziesiąt 60- sześćdziesiąt 70- siedemdziesiąt 80- osiemdziesiąt 90: dziewięćdziesiąt 100- sto :-)
the main cases in polish kasia plz

Its a game for beginners :)

thank you very much GBO. The game is a very good reminder for beginners like me.

Me, too, GBO.
I just found the sounds, which go with the words.
It's a great help.
Letters on a piece of paper don't tell me how to say MĄŻ.

Just a note on the page you recommend:

I've had a brief look at just a few exercises there. Be aware that they are read by a non-native or by a Pole who spent a long time abroad. For a foreigner his pronunciation is excellent. I suspect he's Polish though, because of things like nasal "o" instead of nasal "e" in "łabędź", which is considered incorrect, but typical rather of poles.

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