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漢字のしりとり Shiritori with Kanji ! ........Advanced

Hi all,

Let's try Shiritori with Kanji.
The rule is not very different with that of Hiragana.

The interesting thing here is, Kanji has several ways to pronounce.

For example....
平仮名 (ひらがな) 
Next word has to start with 名
but there are several possibilities like....
名前 (”な”まえ, name) 
名詞 (”めい”し, noun)

If you have any question, feel free to ask in the topic for questioning !

Let's start.



The starting word is ....

日本(にほん, Japan)

Next word starts with the character 本


当分 (とうぶん, for now, adverb)

Next word starts with the character 分

分別 (ぶんべつ、to part

別人     (べつじん , different person,someone else)

人間 (にんげん、human beings)

Next word starts with the character 間

It's your turn !!
間接だ!(かんせつ、indirect ,间接)
 接近(せっきん、approach, acercarse)

近所 (きんじょ , neighborhood)

Next word starts with  所 !
 所以 (ゆえん, reason, razón )

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