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Let us talk about the current environmental problem

I remember that students have to go to the mountains and plant trees  every year when I was in primary school.But now I forgot how long I do not see the hills since I moved to city.If the car on the road can become a tree ,that  will so good!



i live in a country where public transport is not good and the air is highly polluted. If my car becomes a tree, it won't be great for me. I have to walk to my office everyday, while the distance is 45 mins driving. Besides, I don't like the idea walking on the pedestrian in my place ... too risky ...

ha ha,you know the dream is always beautiful,but the real world is cruel.I just want to be able to find a better lifestyle.

Yea, i don't understand how people nowadays don't give the enviroment the necessary attention and least they're thinking a lil more now, but i think when finally the horrible situation we live today be realized, it'll be too late.
In my opinion, the goverment shouldn't invest on road transport...

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