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lets have a chinese session everyweek?!!

i'm thinking of a chinese session everyweekend.!! all who wants to learn chinese can have there question post here and chinese can traslate it to pinyin or chinese characters..i mean if lots of forumers will be here especially chinese people who also want to learn english as well..we can exchange language here. i can see that there's lots of chinese people who wants to learn english. me, my self is very interested to learn about chinese and there culture!! i hope that you'll agree with this..!!




I may be to help you.

thanks john hu..

I'll be willing to help up too ^^...for those who wan to learn chinese :D

yeah ,great  advice.
but , the time differences is  problem.
We can also  leave  our  questions here, and  expecting answers.
what do you think?

Sounds like a good idea to me. n_n
i'd be glad to answer questions about english...

hi,friends ,dont forget  this group,I  am back!

ye, time difference is a big problem. once i  put a question here for answer,  i always have to waiting for several days.  
it seems we can only learn from each other by words here.

 hi,friends ,dont forget  this group,I  am back!

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