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Please can someone help me learn Chinese




i can help you learn Chinese:)

I can help you, you can send E-mail to me if you have any questions. 

l'm a  Chinese ,l can help you

Maybe I can do something for your Chinese language's learn, you can add my MSN:

 hi girll ,maybe i can help you ,i am a chinese girl ,and i want to learn english well .my e-mail is

well ,you will popular

I can help.I'm a student,14 years old.I hope I can make friends with you!I'm learning English.I think we can help each other.

VIrtually,learn chinese just only reading more,coz culture differences,many words cannot explained clearly,and the other way is speaking more chinese with chinese,may you good luck

I  am study at an university,so I have enough time to teach  your chinese,and  I want to find a friend to study  English ,
For the  truth  .Chinese is  so  difficult to  study.and are  you  ready
At  last ,so happy to  know  you

my  mail

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