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Difficulties on handwriting :(

Hi, I'm new here, I just started to learn Serbian but I can't figure out by myself how to write cyrillic alphabets properly. I‘ve watched some videos on youtube but they were about Russian cyrillic alphabets so it's not exactly the same.. Hope to get a little help here. 



Russian and Serbian cyrillic are very much alike. Russian hasn't only 3 characters! It's a Ђ (ђ) Ћ (ћ) and Џ (џ).
Љљ and Њњ you can substitute russian ль and нь. 

Or you can always use it* and copy characters.

* cirillic / latin 
Аа / Aa 
Бб / Bb 
Вв / Vv 
Гг / Gg 
Дд / Dd 
Ђђ / Đđ
Ее / Ee 
Жж / Žž 
Зз / Zz 
Ии / Ii
Jj / Jj 
Кк / Kk 
Лл / Ll 
Љљ / Lj lj 
Мм / Mm 
Нн / Nn 
Њњ / Nj nj 
Оо / Oo 
Пп / Pp 
Рр / Rr
Сс / Ss 
Тт / Tt 
Ћћ / Ćć 
Уу / Uu 
Фф / Ff 
Хх / Hh 
Цц / Cc 
Чч / Čč 
Џџ / Dž dž 
Шш / Šš

 Good luck!) hope I helped you. 


Just type it! If you enable Serbian (Latin and Cyrllic) in your computer, the Cyrillic keys are the same as the Latin, (except for Dj, Lj, Nj) - and everyone can read them. Serbian is easier to learn in Latin script to start with, but they run in parallel, and you soon get the hand of both.

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