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How do you work with your language exchange partner?


Hi there,
Can you share your ideas on how one can most benefit from having a native speaking language partner? Do you have one? Do you exchange emails or talk using a voice call programme? Do you simply talk about daily life or discuss specific topics of interest? Do you think having some learning material designed for a language exchange pair, for example, a text and related exercises in two languages would be helpful?



Hi Olga,

A few days ago joined this network expecting that it has more rich functionality for videochatting with those ones who are online right now etc. Actually have no idea how to find a native English language partner. Besides probably teachers. All this stuff is a little bit frustrating. My guess just beginners may have fun socializing at this network. How lucky you are in search for partners?



Hi Val,
I was a little surprised that my original question about pair language exchange remained neglected ,but I don't think Italki is completely frustrating. I'm really happy with the opportunities that the Questions&Answers section has opened to me. All of my questions were answered by friendly and qualified native Engish speakers. As for a language partner, I  think that most people simply don't know what and how they could do together. I'm thinking of developing learning aids for  language exchange pairs. This method is known as Tandem learning and has been popular in Europe for a long time. Now with the Internet, I think we have so many more opportunities!   In fact, just one person might be enough, so don't get frustrated - keep looking:) I have met a couple of people on language learning websites, including Italki, and we've had very good experience reading, translating and discussing things in English and Russian.

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