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What would you like your tombstone to say?


a quote? description of your values or personality? life achievements?



my epitaph?

"He's the Man!"

I would say "no need to wake me up",lol~~

Probably a quote, don`t know....or maybe a music lyirc....

I never thought of this things before, maybe i can use someone's classic words or some funny sentence, but i think i don't know what to say and what i want to let other one now it. When I am dead, i will have no idea about the world and i can't do anything for the world, why don't i just go quitely? So maybe no words on the tombstone, just a stone in my tomb. And let someone know there have a dead people sleep inside. That's all.
or perhaps, burnting my dead body and scattered my ashes on the wind and on the sea, so i can be freedom finally.

Cool question for i want this to be written "You can ride forever and still not see it all"


 Oh, very sad question.... :-)
I don't care


Thank you all for your comments. I personally think thinking about your death is not necessarily a bad thing. It only helps you think live better! 

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