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Thanks God - First Certificate Results

Whoa! I got a C. I'm happy as if I had an A, LOL.

I can't ask for more, really. I'm conscious I studied on my own, but not enough. I'm twice happy because this exam said I'm almost exceptional at Speaking, and good at the Use of English and Listening.

I don't know what happened with my Reading though, I thought I was strong on that part which is on the borderline.

What the writing part concerns, I knew I was going to do it bad because I arrived at the place like 10 minutes later. I went for a coffee with the guy who was my Speaking partner the day before, and we had a great time talking about the exam and meeting each other in the meanwhile. When I came back, all (teachers and students) were waiting for us, I felt so ashamed because of that situation. Though, it wasn´t my fault, they went in to the classroom like 10 minutes before the exact time. That wasn't good. I chose Story, and I made many mistakes. Probably, that's why my writing is almost good. 

Anyway, I have a C, and I'm happy as If I had an A.

Thanks to all of you, because I gained confidence on italki. Now, let's go for the CAE in June. I promise I'll study more.



Crongratulations!!! I'm sure you are gonna do it for the CAE babe :)

wow , sisterrrr

Congratulation !!! I want to do it this year !!!  
Hi Sonia,

Almost the same, I have 74/100 (C grade), 75 - (B grade), and I regret not to obtain this one extra point in order to obtain B. But I passed and I`m also happy, but it wasn`t easy at all.
As for me I was exceptional at reading, use of english, good at speaking. The most great disappoinment was my writing (but in contrast of you I wasn`t late), may be I didn`t pay enought attention to this part and I had few pratice in it.
I happy to hear that you intend to pass CAE in June, Courage!!  As for me - I will take a pause, but may be I will try this experience once more))) Anyway, we have good news and I will be waiting for your new suggestions and ideas regarding CAE.


Good to know you got it, too!

How was your Listening? I found it easier than  I expected, at least the version we had, I think it was C, I don't remember.

I don't understand why you're going to try with the FIRST again, the common next step is to prepare for the CAE or PROFICIENCY.

Hi Sonia,

Non, not FCE again of course, I will try CAE next or may be I would like to apply for study on-line in one of the british university, I `ve searching for the info if it`s possible and than I will decide.

As for listening, I got almost good, but it wasn`t easy at all, at least for me and all parts were very fast...


Hi Mila,

I thought you were going to take the FIRST again to get a higher mark, I know some people who did that.
I knew about the online Cambridge ESOL Examinations, but not you could apply for them to study at British Universities. I think that's a good idea after the FIRST.
Yes, I knew the listening part was going to be like that, but I found it easier than I expected anyway. Maybe your version was more difficult than mine.



Great job,I'm really glad you made it,perhaps you could prepare yourself for the next ESOL exams like CAE or CPE and just work your way up to the top:)

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