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III italki Teachers III

I would like italki teachers join us and introduce themselves, as Professor B did some months ago.

David Peachey is an English Teacher I know on italki, an he teaches for IELTS. Visit his profile:




Thanks Sonia! Uhmmm I'll try to add some information that is not on my profile...

Well, I teach English in Slovakia, from elementary to advanced level. While I help prepare students for their FCE (the Cambridge equivalent of  IELTS/TOEIC), I have a background in theatre, performance and songwriting so I can easily help students who have a very advanced level of English.

I teach abroad to avoid the luxury of speaking English whenever I want. Sometimes I wish I was as good at a second language as some of my students are.

I believe that English (or any language) can be used and understood easily. Grammar is used to clarify information, the meanings of words exist for a reason and slang can show us how language develops.

I'd love to help out, do get in touch! Cheers~


Hi, my name is Tom, and I'm from England. I teach conversation skills, essay writing skills, interview techniques, and of course IELTS preparation.

I've mainly taught in China, where I worked in two schools, teaching 8 year olds to 18 year olds everything from the basic English right up to college entrance exam preparation. I loved my time there and I aim to go back next year.

I understand that every student is different and so I adapt my teaching style to suit the character, level, and learning objectives of each students. My approach is usually topic based and I try to introduce new vocabulary and grammar in context.

I'm learning Spanish at the moment, so I use my learning experience to improve my teaching. My experience really makes me admire fluent second language speakers!

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