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Introduce yourself in this topic.

Hello, i'm a header of this group, and i don't like topics like "Hello" or "Привет". Please introduce yourself only in this topic.
I'll never delete old "Hello" topic, but please respect out rules :) 

Пожалуйста не создавайте темы с простым названием, вроде "Привет", это создает лишний мусор в ветке, когда таких тем становится слишком много. Поэтому лучше будет представляться в одной общей ветке. При обращении к пользователю пишите: "2username"




Hi everyone,

I'm Lanh, a native english speaker who is looking to improve on his very, very basic spoken, conversational Russian. I have never been good at learning languages but I'm now at an age where I am more determined than ever.

If anyone would like to talk, and I'm online, then please feel free to request a chat.

Privet vsem

menya zovut Lili,ya iz kitaya

ya izu4ala russkyi yazyk v universitete !

no vse ravno moi russkyi o4en'  ploxo

xo4u poznakomisia s russkimi revyadami. 4toby drug drugu momagali

moi msn  ;




  hello ,everyone

my name is lily, i m from china

i wanna improve my russian ,so i  need ur help!

i am glad to receive your message ,

let us help each other

!!!!!!!!!!!1 thx 

Hello everyone, i was delete some topics on our forum, bcause a lot of same headers, like "HELLO".  You can type your wishes here.


I'm masoft from Algeria;

I want to learn russian, and happy to chat with you and receive your messages.

thx a lot.

Hi, Everybody!  My name is James, and I'm native English speaker in US, also taken Russian for more than a few years.  I'm trying to get my Russian speaking skills back up so that I can get a job as an interpreter, so any practice is useful.  If you want to chat on Skype, let me know! 

Всем привет!  Меня зовут Женя, и мой родной язык - английский (американский), а ещё учусь русскому языку больше пяти лет.  Я стараюсь улучшить свою устную речь чтобы мне скоро была возможность зарабатывать переводчиком.  Значит я был бы благодарен за какую-нибудь помощь!  Если хочешь общаться по Skype, дай мне знать!

Greetings :-)

My name is Karen and i am in the UK. I would welcome any help in learning some Russian language, and of course making a new friendship too :-)

Thank you.

my name is Raquel, i am mexican so i can help with both english and spanish,
i joined this group for some help in russian
but also to make friends

Menya zavut v etom saite Sandrela
Ya iz Yemena , pap arab a mat ruskaya . 
Ya uchilas v Rassie do 3 klassa  , poetomu u menya mnogo oshibki i ploxo pazgovarivayu.
 Xotelas bi pozdnakomitsya s ruskimi devchonkami  chtobi drug druga pomogli izuchat menya Russkava yazika.
moi msn .

Hello everybody! I'm native russian and I'm lerning English and French. I would like to improve my language and make new friends. 

Привет! I'm native russian and I'm learning English and French. I would like to make new friends and improve my language,of course! Let's help each other!

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