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I forgot the Spanish Translation.

Los Ojos Verdaderos Reconocen Las Mentiras Verdaderas or Los Ojos Reales Reconocen Las Mentiras Reales.

I liked this phrase particularly because of its pronunciation.

I tried to do the transcription, please if native English speakers see this, correct it if it is wrong.

Thanks in Advance.

     / rɪəl aɪz ri:əlaɪz rɪəl laɪz /

My wife says the IPA is correct! Do you use IPA regularly?

I didn't know what IPA means until I searched on Google. I've been studying English for six or more years on my own, just with grammar books and dictionaries so, I usually look for the pronunciation in dictionaries before I check with the audio CD. Perhaps, that's why my accent is Argentinian and I don't sound as a native English speaker yet.

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