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what is easiest way to study Indonesian language???

What is the easiest way to study Indonesian language???



Come to Indonesia ^_^ or you could chat with indonesian speaker and be their penpal

You can learn indonesian online here for free

they also have audio lessons

1st listen indonesian songs......watching indonesian movies.......reading indonesian articles....those things can improve ur indo  vocabs.....then after, u'll get easier to learn bahasa indonesian moreee......

It is akin to learn another language. First, you have to have a great ambition to learn that language and try to have chatter with the navite speaker or watch Indonesian movie, listen to the radio, exactly indonesian radio.

If you have interest in Indonesian Language, I think it will be easy for you to study Indonesian Language.
You can learn drom small thing first, like how to say greeting, how to say hello etc.
And try step by step to build your vocabulary, you can start to say all ur stuff in indonesian Language, like TV, Radio, microwave, shower, plate, cup, glass, hat etc..

So good luck 

indonesia language is really easy... friend. so , u can learn from movies, magazine, but the easiest way,, u must chat with indonesian people... it will really help u.. same as when i learnt english and i chat wit american people...

harus sering praktek berbicara dengan orang indonesia
Talk with Indonesian people
Hang out...
Talk to teens for slanks words... haha.
Indonesian langugae is easy, you can master it in 6 months

talk to me hahahahahah :D

be Indonesian character.. its the best point .. ^^

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