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Simple Javanese Conversation

Here simple conversation using javanese language :

Kados pundi kabaripun....? 
=  How are you....?

Sae.., sampeyan/ panjenengan....?  =  Fine.., and you..?

Radi mboten sakeco, sampeyan / panjenengan..?  =  So so and you..?

Panjenengan naminipun sinten..? = what's your name..?

Nami Kulo Maria.., sampeyan / panjenengan..?  =  My name is Maria.., and you

Panjenengan menika saking pundi..? / Saking pundi panjenengan = Where you from...?

Kulo saking Surabaya.., sampeyan / panjenengan..?  =  I'm from Surabaya and you

Well that's it for warming up...!! 



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