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I look for somebody wants to talk with me by skype, one time at week, do you want ?

I´d like to have a day on the week to speak with somebody in English. Is it the place to find that people ????



hi i d like to improve my english if you are intrested;my skype is;malak2705

Hello, I'm a native speaker. :D

, my id is --esl999
i am a english learner

i am beginner in english but we can speak together to improve our english
to find me search : zawch123

zawch123 on skype
 Hi ..

if you're still interested in talking English every now and then feel free to add me in skype (cranc1)
I would be glad to talking to you soon so that we could both improve our english..

kidn regards

hellow,yes iwant to talk with you to improve my english


hi ... i am english learner .... i hope i do that

Yes, I would like to. My skype is: lynngao1987

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