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Which part of the FCE exam worries you the most?


For those soon to take the FCE exam, I'm curious to know which part of the exam concerns you the most.  For those who have already done the exam, I'd like to know what worried you before taking the exam, and what surprised you (or what you found was easy) during the exam.

I ask because recently, a complete change came over the students who I'm helping prepare for the FCE exams.  Most are high-school students so they were most confident about the grammar and spelling, and were very worried about the speaking part. I suppose their main fear came from the fact that their English teachers were not native speakers so there was always some doubt in their mind.  (I'll add at this point that my Slovak colleagues who teach English are actually quite fluent and well-spoken).  Naturally we did some workshops on the speaking part of the exam.

After a mock-test last week, I asked the students again what they felt needed improvement. Some grammar, expressions, vocab, but no mention of the speaking part. I asked them directly if they were still worried about that part. No, not at all.

We'll still do more speaking practice before they do the exam, but it surprised me a little that the fear had completely disappeared.

What's your experience? :)



Although that particular question is not to addressed me, since I don't belong neither to group of those who took FCE or who are going to do it, I would like to put in my two cent's worth.

I am somehow similar to your studens. I always thought about grammar and vocabs exercises as of my forte. But after getting better and better in spoken English, I have realized that what I considered as my strong side, is actually the weakest one. 

I guess the reason of that is simple: The more knowledge you have, the more aware of how much it is to learn you become.

But it's hard  to find a well kowledge and flu speaking people.. 
Tough that's why I'm here, in the italki, to teach and also to learn. But I didn't find serious and well knowledge teacher , yet...
Hi Peachey!

Finally, I`ve got it and the most difficult was the listening part for me but surprisingly I did it rather good and the part where I was confident (writing) was the last where I was successful. But I was good always in writing and didn`t pay attention to it - the exam showed that I should pay more attention to it - unfortunately I couldn`t see my mistakes....

As for listening - it was twice faster than in the training materials for FCE and also it`s difficult because it was the last part when the students became already tired.

the speaking (although it was stressful), use of engl and reading were well made.

Good luck to all,

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