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“When you make a mistake, there are only three thingsyou should ever do about it: admit it, learn from it, and do not repeat it.”



right. many people can learn only on owns mistakes. But sometimes it`s very difficult to admit mistake.  What about regreting? do u regret about mistakes u `ve ever done?

i always regret on something that i've done..althought its a bad things or a good things. but to admit that i've made mistake, thats really hard to do. and people nowadays only sees other people mistake without notice his/her own..

russian saying: все что не делается -  все к лучшему. Don`t regret. Try to find something good in any case. 

@anna: yes i do.  I think It's always helpful to learn from mistakes because then mistakes seem worthwhile. Honest differences are often a healthy sign of progress. :)

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