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Do you know anything about Arab culture?





 I don't know very much about Arab culture.  I want to know more.

ok  We have two main days to celebrate in the year

The first day  we call him Eid al-Fitr ,on this day  we give a gift to those who we love and visit our relatives and friends as we eat dinner with them and give the children candy, money

sure c'z i'm arabian !!lol

we're speaking about 22 states,and every state has it's cultural diversity.

Salam ya sure i'm arabian why؟؟ o.O

Hmm, Arabians are very important in the chemistry and mathematics history, for me as a chemistry, you are one of the most importants cultures for the development of my work!

But I don't know much about your culture, but I'll be very happy if you teach me more *-*

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