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What's your plan for this weekend?

With the hectic week to an end making way for the awaited weekend of the changing seasons. What are your special plans this weekend?
Any movie shows listed? or any special cookery sessions?
Partying? or plain outing? or even lying lazy and relaxing at home.
What is your heart at this weekend? Please share some ideas,of what you are planning for this weekend.



Morning i'll go for cricket(anotherwise my brother'll tell my all weekends plan to my parents. So, sometime i pay bribes  ).
In afternoon, movie time. 
In evening, meeting with family members(i knw its borin prt but cnn't do anythin  )
In night full on at pub.    

I`m planning to win a bet. And one my good friend is planning to lose it?

    time will speak 

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