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Well come to Kashgar.

    Kashgar lies in western part of China,Located westsouth part of Xinjiang.North of city is tianshan mountain,west is Pamir Plateau,south is Karakurum  mountain,east  part is Taklamakan desert.Kashgar borders with eight countries,like Pakistan,Tajikistan,Afghanistan,Kyrgyzstan,India,Turkmenistan,Uzbekistan and kazakhstan.
    Kashgar prefecture has one city and eleven county under its jurisdiction.Whole population is over 4300,000 and 47 nations living in this city, they are Uyghur, Han ,Tajik,Kyrgyz,Hui and Uzbek.
    Kashgar is mainly situated continental climate  region, with relitavely longer summer  time and shorter winter. there are four definite seasons summer here is  longer and hot .winter is shorter but not very  cold like Northern Xinjiang.spring and Autumn here is often arid and very sandy.But Autumn is the best season to visit Kashgar .
    Here you can find some  famous mountains with rounded tops,like Mushtag mountain and the world second highest peak of Qogir.these mountains and peaks heve much beautiful  scenery and many tourist resorts.



Siz qayarda tursiz? Turkistan ma ? koruskhanlikim ga hushalman :) man turkiyada turman. 

It's a nice introduction, but I think it's better to say welcome instead of well come! Anyway,you did a good job..

salam yahxi kiz, man zhong guo ning xin jiang da turiman。 siz uyghur mu ?siz bilan tonuxkinimga man mu bak huxal。

thanks for ur  advice,because of my poor english, I always make some  mistake on grammar.Cool

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