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Men and Women

In general, men and women in the Republic don't shake hands with each other very often. But in the urban context, it does occur, although men usually wait for women to initiate the gesture. Men don't want to appear too pushy or too eager. You'll especially observe this when men and women are first introduced to each other. Men are supposed to shake hands very lightly and gently with women, not aggressively. In rural areas, men are first to extend their hands to women they've known for a long time.

Do men and women kiss each other? If they know each other, yes. In Iran, men and women are not supposed to touch each other in public. They do not even shake hands. But in their homes and at private gatherings, they do kiss and embrace close friends and relatives.





Between men, what are the handshakes like? Are they as aggressive as "western" handshakes?

yes, they do as aggressive :) 

Approximately 30 years ago when revolution happened in Iran men and women didn't touch to each other in public, but todays it is possible. If men and women are friends together, they can shake hands, but they are not know together yes they can not shake hands.

Yazımda yanlışlık olsa kusura bakmayın :))) 

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