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Is our fate predetermined? Or we can change it every moment?



50/50 ;-)

No, I don't think so. We can change it every moment, in my opinion. In other words, only at the last moment of one's death, I guess, their fate is determined.

Our fate is not predetermined. We can change it, but we need strength and determination.


We can change it at every moment and both this our ability and what exactly we can change are predetermined

It never can be pre-determined. if so, wht is the relevance of doing things? we can sit idle and shall wait for the predetermined things to get happen. if u take out the story of great achievers like Helen keller , we always get wonder abt the potential of a human's simply amazing. to me , life is all about habits. how much u r successful in creating good habits  towards your goals, thts much u will get rewards in life.

Of course, our fate is predetermined. But thing is we can not know what must will happen. Thats why everyone can make his future as he want.

Mine opinion was my perspective or one perspective, Anton's is the one above us' perspective.

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