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New Zealand

Is anyone interested in coming to Zealand to visit? for study or holiday?



Hey Jenna,

Nice to meet you! Actually I am interested in coming to NZ, but not sure how soon.

What city are you from?


I'm from Christchurch (Ya iz Kraistchurche) Christchurch is the garden city of New Zealand (Kraistchurch- cad gorod iz Novaya Zelandiya)
just instead of "cad gorod"use "город-сад" (gorod-cad) on the first place should be the main noun(which is city in this case, cause we are speaking about city) and then describing noun(garden, cause your city looks like garden or what did you mean). And we use hyphen between two nouns whish supplement one another.
all the best Jenna, hope to speak to you soon and hear about your amazing city!

Thanks Misha :) gorod-sad. got it

for New Zealand Encyclopedia visit :)

Christchurch has a population of around 350,000, Christchurch is the third largest city in New Zealand. The main language of New Zealand is English. New Zealands main industries are manufacturing, retail, hospotality, farming and dairy, tourism and education. The main universities in New Zealand are The University of Auckland (Auckland city) University of Victoria (Wellington), Massey University (Palmerston North) University of Canterbury (Christchurch) and the University of Otago (Dunedin) and the University of Lincoln (Lincoln, Christchurch) Each University has specializations, so asking if they support your specialty would be highly adviseable :)

What if  to change the name of the group? I suppose that "Russkie v Novoi Zelandii :))" would be more correctly.
Chego? - Zelandii, kakOy? - NovOy (not "novii") ;-).
But never mind, Jenna. There are some russians who doesn't know how the word "russkiy" must be written in Russia .

It won't let me change it now, so otherwise I would take your suggestion. :)

there r also lots of Russians who DON'T speak English correctly even though they know how the word "russkiy"  must be written in RussiaN))))))))))))))))))))

Somebody needs to read some interesting books about "there is - there are" before any advising.

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