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what kind of boy/girl do you prefer??




smart ,kindhearted ,humor ,friendly ~~~~ 

Beuatiful   smart    lovely... and much more

Kind, serious, honest, friendly, intelligent, funny.

i like crazy girls.because they very powerfull and their love so much more,that someone nice,serious girl) by the way we have one life,we must use every day)

Smart one, with a sense of humour similar to mine, and good taste in music. Handsome as well :)

i like  looks sweet smile, double-fold, strong,and character is  humorous,cheerful guys.
Angelina jolie

I want to become a person of success .


I am an optimistic, cheerful person, I also helpful.

someone with lots of piercings, who is funny, caring and preferably drunk 25% of the time (^_^)v 

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