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how can i learn serben langug?

what is the best way to  learn blz?



Ha ha ha it is not that scarry. The only problem is grammar and vocabulary - not the minor one:). The good thing is that you can easely learn reading and writing (which is not the case in english - my splelling is realy bad:) and  in arabic for us) cause each voice you pronaunce you are writing too. So you can begin with vocabulary and some basic grammar!
Yea one tip. Serbian and Bosnian languages are the same. I mean like you have different dialects in Arabic that is the same with this two. I don't know if they changed something in last few years but I don't believe so. It is the best to find one teacher or mentor whatever for begining and start with either Serbian or Bosnian not mix this two in the begining. When you get to some point it will be easy for you to start to learn differences. The differences are realy  small you will see. Note: I tried to add you but I couldn't probably I didn't accepted your or you didn't accepted my invitation at some time so if you are willing we can find some other way ok?

Thank you for the information to theleaing language
I have the same problem in an add you In the list of friends

Rami, first decide what your goal is in learning Serbian.  It's very important to define your goal carefully, for in doing so you can concentrate on the language skill(s) -- speaking, listening, reading, writing -- and vocabulary that will help you meet your goal.  For example, my reason for studying Serbian is to be able to understand the songs that accompany Serbian folk dances (kolos), so that I can sing along while I am dancing and understand what I am singing about.  Since I have a very limited focus, my method of study is to quickly get a general overview of the grammar, focusing only on the grammar and very limited vocabulary needed for me to learn to read folk song lyrics.  By doing so, I avoid the many hours of study necessary to improve my listening comprehension, speaking, and writing, and I avoid having to learn a large general vocabulary.

I may also, some day, if I decide to go to Serbia, learn "survival" Serbian -- only the basic vocabulary needed to be able to read street signs, etc.  If you are interested in acquiring a basic knowledge of the four skills, then a book + CDs like _Teach Yourself Serbian_ would be helpful.  If you want to acquire a more extensive knowledge of Serbian, then a first-year university course with books like _Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian -- A Textbook_ and _Bosnian, Croation, and Serbian -- A Grammar_ published by the University of Wisconsin, accompanied by the CDs, would be helpful.  There is also a very nice overview of grammar in the University of Wisconsin books that I am using to fix in my mind the grammar essentials I need for my purposes.  Also, the clear distinction given among Bosnian, Croatian, and Serbian is very helpful,

Serbian is not an easy language to learn,however It is not impossible.
 You should start with ,ofcourse,basics,like Serbian alphabeth and pronunciation of the sounds.You will notice we have sounds that are not to be found in any other languages,except maybe Russian.Then you should go through grammar books to get an idea of the language.
If you were planning to learn Serbian by yourself ..hmm..not an easy job.I think you need tutor.
Differences between Serbian and Bosnian are minor and you should not be worried about that.

 If u love something U can do it very easy, but general Serbian language is hard cuz of cases, if u figure it out, U will know serbian as well. Different between Serbian n Bosnian is that in almost nothing, who knows Serbia, he will know Bosnian too :) They r so beautiful ^^ 

WOW.....thank you people for all this great tip you give me really.........
and thank you "PROF" for all the trouble
but any way i stell need to have a way to learn.........i have to learn people......really  i need to you
and thank you all

There are several books on how to learn serbian in russian but those won't be a help for you  coz u don't speak it.I started learning basic grammar by them but I've also found many friends from there so i started communication right away and really i didnt have much trouble with it. Of couse i had an advantage that russian and serbian are quite close but still they are very different and if u didnt' learn serbian u wouldnt understand it. First of all u should decide what alphabet are u going to use...probably it wolud be latin. There are several different letters from the latiin english so u just have to pay special attention to those. In fact, find some peeps from the balkan that would be really helpful!

play some serbian songs,watch some serbian movies... and watch some serbian video conversations... you can not learn serbian just, like, oh well , i will study - study - study , from bloody hell book... you must learn to listen and try to recognize all by yourself... ofcourse , book is also important...

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