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/// The Beatles ///

All you need is Love.
Todo lo que necesitas es Amor.



What do you think about this quote? Is that true? What about the money for example? How important is it? 

Beautiful song, It's the true, LOVE + LOVE + LOVE = *LOVE* this is the most important in the life
What I need is an aspirin. I've an unbearable headache. Poor me :'-(

Awww poor RightMary... What are you waiting for? Go and take an aspirin.

I love The Beatles and I think this is a lovely song, but I don't think Love is important in life. I think people needs to put themselves in first, and than you care about the others. Don't misunderstand me, I'm not saying for everybody to ignore other people, I'm just saying that we need to valorize ourselves.

I love The Beatles, too. Who don't? Smile 

What you think is totally the truth, but it's kinnda hard to do it. It's not that easy. Embarassed

All I need is money.

Todo lo que necessito es dinero.

There's a song in Spanish that says 'El dinero no es todo, pero como ayuda'. In English is like 'Money is not everything, but it helps'.

I think that nothing is completely necessary. I couldn't say 'I just need this, because I would be lying'. Everything in life makes a perfect symmetry as a whole that, it's hard to get.

I completely agree with the idea that there is no one thing that will make all other needs unecessary but I believe the following idea from Eric Hoffer makes the argument that love in the form of compassion is the closest thing to making this Beatles quote a reality because from compassion (and community without which compassion does not exist) all other needs are provided. Here's my paraphrase of the Eric Hoffer idea:

Justice, law, humility, courage, selflessness, etc., all these noble characteristics can be perverted by carrying them to the extreme. Only compassion, the ability to feel another's needs and act on providing them, is uncorruptible.

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