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教你说中国成语(一)learn how to use chinese idiom(Season 1)

today i'll teach you how to use some basic chinese idioms. For us, idioms are widely, usually we use them to express some certain situation or something that we all know about. But you can hardly tell its true meaning from its surface. Because quite a lot of them are from the ancient chinese stories, and lasted generation by generation~ so, r u getting kind of afraid? dont worry, let's go!
Well, if u really frustrated in the process of chinese learning or complaining about the hardness of chinese 4 tones and hand-writings, I would like to say: 世上无难事只要肯攀登(Shi4shang4 wu2 Nan2shi4, Zhi3yao4 ken3 Pan1deng1)
1- The words i wrote big and together are word groups, that's to say, they're used together to express one complete meaning.
2- The nummber following are the tones of each words.
And this sentence means Where there is a will, there is a way.
Now comes to the usage of the it.
1- When you are afraid of something, just tell yourself: 世上无难事,只要肯攀登,我一定会学好中文的丫!(I'll learn good chinese one day if i tried my best!)
2-When your friends always feels it's too hard to do sth, then tell him this.

How'd you feeling now? still hard? then you'd really have to learn this saying^^



Cool, thank you ! I look forward for the next Season :)

haha, thx for "顶 ding(tone 3)", means support u!

Mony, ich habe eine Bitte, kannst du die Freunde von dir meine Gruppe empfehlen? vielen Dank^^

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