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Echo's Shanghai Dairy

Sorry, my friends, long time not on italki^^
Now i'm travelling in Shanghai, it's really a nice place, modern but ancient, lots of old buildings, old type streets, nice girls, haha, lots of foreigners and native people.
Everyone holds a dream and come here, they hope a better job or a good memory here~
So Do I, coming here for almost a week, living in the Blue Mountain Youth Hostel^^ I highly recommand this place, people r so nice and people can just live like his own home~but maybe it's also because it's my first time going out that far alone and live in a hostel~
Everyday met different kinds of people, a dutch guy who speaks perfect Chinese, and knows our culuture quite well, that's awesome talking with him!
haha, and Little Stick(she is so thin that i call her little stick, lol), she studies Biology at her bachelor degree, then turned to Pholosophie as her master's major. After that, she set up her mind to go travelling around the china, and she did it!
My previous roommates r a japanese and a argentine, their life r also so colorful and wonderful! That japanese girl who is 37 has not married and wants to live independently^^ and the same as that argentine, she worked in the NY, but now also bored of that steady life, so she decided to live a different life, wow, these peoples r so cool, their lifestyle inspired me.
I love travel so much, and from this experience I have leart quite a lot...

What about you? Do you like travelling? Is there many intresting things during your trip? Dont be shy to tell me, haha~



cool, 思蕾,i'm happy to hear that^^
yes, time is so precious and limited, but when i start travelling, i start learning, i'd really love such feeling, hope oneday i can travel in germany~~~
enjoy ur trip and fish!

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