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can u tell me what is the best way to learn french very fast ?

from my point of view i think listening reading and writing is the thing we can do to learn french ,but do u have any other way to learn french???????? hmm?any guess?



Rozia ,I appreciate your will  ,well listening ,writign and reading aren't methods but tools , So the methods are the ways to use our senses, to aquire enough knowledge and skills  .
Here we go , i'm gonna tell you some tips that i've used to learn french  :

-remind yourself always why your learning this language because  you effort will be as strong  as your intentions !
-make a deadlines for every step , for example use a copy book and write down some points like :" I'm gonna read this book in 15 days ,and i'll serach for the meaning of every new word " , " I'll memorise 20 words per day " , and if you keep doing this always for some weeks 30 min per day , U'll be surprised !
- buy or download a full language method and work on it daily until you finish it .

- keep practising your new acquired knowledge .
- emerge yourself in a french speaking world : watch french channels ( News ,documentaries ,  .... )
-read french NewsPapers , they are availble by internet , and try to translate an article per day because newspapers containe the most used words in daily life !
- Speak with yourself in french when you are in front of the mirror , maybe it seems ridiculous but it's very useful .

finally , i know more ways , but for the moment if u begin with this u'll boost ur french skills !
P.S : i talk just about the ways that i've used , you can do it by your way !

wooooooooooow , these r very useful advices , am realy impresed , they may seems as u said simple but they r realy great to follow .



thxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx alot I`ll try to follow them :) 

thx it lkiv

You are welcome   Just go ahead and everything will be easy .*

" Celui qui n'a jamais fait d'erreurs , il n'a jamais essayé "

it will go fast when you'll talk me .. =) 
take my adress i'm a french boy and i'm 18 Salut !! Gars ..
very nice post, great advice will follow it =3

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