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Do you think what the korean language's appeal??

im a newcomer.
just im wondering what is the reason to study korean lang among other lang.

if u need korean friends.. please be a friend ^^/

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 I'm interested because I like Kpop and I'd like to understand the langauge, but more so because I want to be able to speak another Asian language. Korea is very interesting and I have many friends that are also interested in the Korean culture.
There are many koreans in my college and I'd like to speak to them, but most of them speak Korean a lot better than English.

 I came to absolutely love the korean dramas and the culture is very interesting!
I am planning to visit Korea as soon as possible so I want to learn the language. 
I havent had the chance to find many korean friends so the only way to learn is with books :(
It seems that nowadays lot of people started to be interested in S Korea. So am i ^^
Everything started with a Kpop MV in 2006 summer..then language, culture &co seemed really interesting. So i started to study Korean by myself haha

I think most people start through Korean music, or Korean Dramas. Then they get interested in the culture and fall in love with it. I first learned about BoA years ago but I didn't know she was Korean. I only knew about her English album. Then I saw Ninja Assassin and found out that the lead in that was a Korean pop star and that's how I got my start. After learning more I became really interested in the culture and it's really sad that S.Korea gets overshadowed by China and Japan when it's such a unique culture in itself. <3

i agree with all these comments...South Korea is becoming really popular because of the korean pop and korean dramas. But, also the culture with its customs and food atract people from all over the world. ^^

I was aware about korean (music, culture, etc) recently. Anyway I knew it from my friends, well then I found that Korean language was interesting. That's why I wanna learn Korean language. In fact I can't deny Korean woman's beauty. ^o^

I'm Korean but moved to the States at age 2.  I would like to broaden my Korean speaking abilities further outside of just using it at home with Parents.  There were times I felt embarrassed because I'd stumble when using proper Korean when speaking with elders as I don't get enough practice.

I also like kpop... and korean lang. is so cute! its so pleasing to my ears..

I was kinda drawn to it because my family watched Kdramas and I started to listen to Kpop..but i now like it more for the sound of it ..I just love to hear it spoken just like I like to hear chinese spoken it just sounds beautiful to me o.o

korean language is so nice and sweet to hear ^^ thats why i love korean ~
like how french language give you beauty sounding word

korean give me sweet one  

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