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A Successful Woman


I would like to know how people around the world perceive a successful woman. Does it depend on education or achievements? Is "successful" a relative term? Thanks. 



I think a successful woman is a woman who does what her heart leads her towards--be it career, family life, the arts, sports, or any number of other pursuits--and finds fulfillment in it. 

i think suessful woman can be u every woman just u need to have bearnce power that the key of leading good life an eduction must be nassary 


In my opinion a sucessful wonman should have a kind heart and peaceful .but on the other hand ,she should have her own special point on something. oh,much more she can earn her own way in life.

Succes to be a excellent wife and mother.i think real succes of women is in her husband and in her child, becouse husband is a mirror of wife and if husband very successfully in career it means that wife is very excellent. Behind the back of great people standing not less great women.

A Successful Woman= My Mummy :)

A successful human being, man or woman, is a person who achieves himself/herself according to his/her own desires and propensities, a creator of his/her own destiny as opposed to being a pliant, indistinct organic agglomeration with no sense of himself/herself.


Success in the eyes of others does not necessarily mean true success. That being said, success is not reached once for all, it is rather a "process towards", maintaining a sense of harmony with one's own nature and desires as one progresses in life.

I think education plays a very important role to be successful in every field whether its for career, family everything. If women are well educated then she can manage her family very well as well as her career too. So, Education is the most for every women in the world.

It should be must.

Well, women are always praised for their beauty. so,  i believe women must not only  maintain their physical appearance but also need to introspect deep inside their soul to identify their interest.

I think success of women can be interpreted on the time before and after married life.

If she is unmarried then persuade of happiness or being successful means achieving her dream, it might be education, art, music, friendship travel.... bla ...... bla.... whatever you like and to excel in field in which you are really passionate about. But after marriage women are confined to household stuffs, in context of Nepal it is obvious. However, life style has been changing day by day so  no need to perturb heavily about it but women has to manage time to take care of family and their interest which will become harder and more strenuous after begetting.

 In conclusion, whatever might be the situation taking steps cautiously, tackling every problem with bravado will certainly lead you to successful carrier. 

Its subjective.  If you ask 100 different people you will get 100 different answers.

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