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What does Buddhism say when i person dies?


I am a Christian by believe, but in the last 3 years I have questioned that believe system, and thinking of other possibilities what do you think?



In Buddism, the death is realized as the end of one "reincarnation". Actually it's not the faith of Buddism itself, it's according to the old Indian faith that people believed there.

Actually we can't know what the death is, because no one really come back after going to the other world..^^  It may depend on what faith you believe.

well, a buddhism may say  阿弥陀佛 when a person dies .

one of my friends' uncle said "I'm coming " when he was dying, and then he bowed  to every corner where no one was there.


Recently I told my friend what will happen after we die for fun。

We will walk on a road with all the flowers beside. These are a special kind of flowers called 曼陀罗花(man4 tuo2 luo2 hua1). It grows leaves for 3000years, grows flowers for another 3000 years。 This kind of flower sends a special aroma into the air which can remind us of everything we do when we are alive. Then we will come across a bridge,there stood an old woman with a bowl in hand。The special soup in that bowl will makes we forget all the things.

"What happens if we don't want to drink this soup? " asked by my friend.

"Oh, we can't。 If we don't drink,the creatures of death will force us to drink!"

Then we will pass a river on a no-bottom boat.

Maybe we can choose whether to be human again in our next life.


I am a Catholic,and i believe all of us have a soul  after we death.And where will our souls go (heaven or hell),it depends on God's trail.For Buddism,it may think  a person would go reincarnations after death.

I  believe in Christianity,also al my family.My grandpa told us that we should believe it.I remember that john3:16 in holy bible:For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son,that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have etermal life .             

I believe there is only one GOD, but he has been doing things are upside down, such as the truth been fake, fake been truth, this world became funny.. my religion is Islam, i learn many about, Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism,Sikhism! all religion says similar about the death or after death.. i really respect all religion ideals. thanks


Really, is this the truth?

Study deeply as much as religions as you can. Try to understand even atheism, agnosticism and humanism and decide for yourself. Don't be superficial, go really deep. Try to see what religions have in common. Perhaps you can have your personal believing system. If you just accept and follow what other say, you will question again and again. Think for yourself.

i think it's easier to give some suggestion if you tell us what consideration you take when choosing a belief, based on which it's more  efficient to solve the prob.Smile


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