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so...what about russian singers?

What russian singers do you know?)))
Do you know Alla Pugacheva?Or maybe do you know who is it Dima Bilan?



Anna German

I know her, but it's not really my music. The same sith Sofija Rotaru.

From old music I know and like some songs of Vladimir Vyssotzky and Bulat Okudzava. I also like some Russian army-songs.

From modern music I know Julia Savicheva, for example.

Hmmm...)))And what do you like in russian songs? music or sense of poetry?)

well... from my experience, people know only Tatoo =)
thnx to me some people also know Glukoza, belorussan band Serebryanaia svadba, b-2 and some others but...   mostly  people do not know russian language that is why they are not as that interested  in russian music as there are tonz of artists and bands in different countries and which is important usually of better quality

Yeah for Russian music I would first think of Tatu or Vitas :)

I also like listening to Aleksey Goman and Dima Bilan.

I like lots of these Russian army songs.

"Прощание славянки" -

"Несокрушимая и легендарная" -

"Казачему роду нема переводу" -


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