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What positive image do you have from brazlians? O que você ver de positivo sobre os brasileiros?

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 my name is vital,  mi nombre es..., meu nome é..., I'm  from Maceió/Alagoas/Brasil, but  i migrated to São Paulo in november, 2005 to study IT. 
soy de Maceió/Alagoas-Brasil, pero  migré para são paulo para estudiar TI y trabajar
sou de Maceió/Alagoas-Brasil, mas migrei para são paulo p/  estudar  TI e trabalhar

The point of view from you  it's very important to me because i can appraise of objective way  the minds of yours!
This experience was a little hard in the beginning because the southeast  has a diferent accent with other vocabulary as well as other culture,  cause  there is a huge influence italian and spanish  in this region., today i can speak a neuter portuguese  as a journalist, now nobody gets to know  what region i was born!  

Let's talk about  your seems and  funny situations! About your culture, country,  music, ritual religion, life, globalization...



hey, i'm a brazilian, if yu need some help. tell me. : ]

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