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Thanks for being here.

It's very delighted to be here with any language partners for sharing new lang experience and let's keep it up for this group and cheers all!



The guy to girl ratio is getting better every day!

Welcome Yan!

How do you like it?

I'm trying to figure it out what's appealing stuff in this room but I will look forward to the proporsion about how many members will be actively getting involved right here.

I really appreciate your invitation,anyway,littleslang.:)

The more people who join the gang, the bigger the bang!

You will enjoy it here Yan. :D

Big Bang is actually very well put. We are trying to build up the interactive circle.:)

A circle! That's a good idea! Everyone loves a daisy-chain!

Oh The Daisy-Chain? What a lovely recommendation! So everyone here all belong to Daisy Ducks:))
Maybe they do. I'm not sure.

So long as we all get into a big ring and start sucking and fucking, it's all good!

I surely keep more secure to get away from this If I really get into the awakard circle.[hehe]
it's the best circle on Italki!

Okay, littleslangs, I will try to let time prove as you point seems to be very inviting.

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