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Do you want to learn Dutch?

 My name is Chloë and I'm living in the Netherlands.

If you have any questions about the Dutch language you can always send me message!



i wanna learn dutch and english..

As I said, if you have any questions, you can send me a message. But to be honest, I rather like to help you with Dutch, cause my English isn't that good.

I'd like to learn Dutch! I speak English, so if you'd like help with your english I could help you in exchange :)

I speak Russian and want to learn Dutch.

I speak Chinese and want to learn Dutch.

I speak italian And English And sant to learn dutch

Dat is een goed initiatief  XP Echt goed van je! Er zullen vast en zeker wel mensen zijn  die de Nederlandse taal willen leren! :D SUCCES! (SUC6)

Hi Chloë,

My name is João I'm from portugal, and living in belgium for a week.

I just found italki and i'm looking for someone to help me to learn Dutch.



 i want learn duch,  soon i will  in the Netherlands  

hello chloe, i am Rachid , i want to learn dutch i have many problemes with dutch grammar , for exp: how to make a sentence ? what do you propose to me ? and thanks

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