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Do you like gimchi?

Today, I made two kids of gimchi. 오늘 저는 두 가지 김치를 담았어요.
Do you like gimchi? 김치 좋아하세요?
Which one do you like? 어떤 김치를 좋아하세요?
There are so many kinds of gimchi. 김치는 종류가 아주 많아요.



gimchi is spicy, but gooooooooooooooooooooood.

ggg There is a few gimchies which are not spicy. If I have more free time, I would explain in detail about that. ^^*

What kind of Gimchi did you make? =) I like Chonggak kimchi which is made of young radishes with the tender greens attached, it has a unique taste and crisp texture. However I had no choice to eat it for the past few years. o.O 

Yummy!  I get it from a local Korean market here in L.A.  I am sure it is not the same as homemade, but it is still good!  I wish I could make it myself. 

I made Chonggak(총각김치), which you like,  and cucumber gimchi(오이김치).
Next day I made 열무물김치. ^^* 
The major ingredient of 열무물김치 is the green parts of radish.
I always make 열무비빔밥 with ripened 열무물김치.
It makes my mouth water to think of it.

Ouch three kind of Gimchies!  I prefer Junjoo-bibimbap, we often go to the restaurant that serves it with some dried laver and sour Ggakddugi(깍두기). ;) 

I've heard about it in a Drama and I really wonder how it tastes but I'm sure of that I can not find it anywhere in Turkey 
I answere the Q but I'm a bit late I think 

i don't like kimchi

...I feel so clueless.

I've eaten kimchi in kimbab (김밥) once, but because the 김밥 had so many ingredients, I didn't really taste it.
I'm actually pretty hungry at the moment...I want to go by kimchi now...

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