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¿Cuales son tus razones para aprender el ingles? What are your reasons for learning English?

Trata contestar en ingles.



The main reason i have to learn English is to help my students to grow in the language and help them to see how interesting and important it is in the World because it will be an useful tool in our lives that can open doors in our work envitonment. Also, to help them to realize that English is easy to learn. And my personal goal to learn it is because i want to travel and know many cultures around the World

I have several reasons:
- Talk with people from other countries in the universal language, and perhaps i can travel around the
   world, in the future, it's my dream.
- Understand films or videos in English.
- Speak a good English, to give it to others.
- Acquiring  culture, through of my new language
- Finally for personal satisfaction

Wow!  Those are some great reasons!  Both of you have excellent command of the English language.  Thank you for being a part of my group and participating ;)


Also, if I make any mistakes with my Spanish, please correct me.  I am always learning!!!! 

I'm always enjoying and sharing with my friends here, who are very friendly, while I'm learning

Estamos aprendiendo, así que no dudemos en corregir nuestros errores. Cuando necesites ayuda, yo estoy siempre aqui.

¡Gracias Sonia!

Nowdays, who don´t know english is lost in the the english is how the universal language, for these is very important to learn it....thanks James, finally i can add my comment....

Yes, I agree Adela.  I'm glad you were able to comment!  Thank you for participating in the discussion :)
It hepls me when I travel, and traveling helps me to make sense of my life.
so English helps me make sense of my life??
yeah, more or less...

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